Ysa Estrada

Ysa is well versed in a variety of services and especially loves transformation work. Whether it’s texture changes, color changes, or dramatic haircuts, she’s your girl. Ysa loves working with curly hair and can bust out a sick fade. She is certified in Brazilian Blowouts and beaded row extensions. She loves helping others to feel good about themselves and believes that great hair is one of the first steps to having great mental health.

 Ysa makes sure her guests have the education needed to maintain their hair between salon visits and have confidence styling it. Her ideal guest is someone that she can form a strong bond of trust and respect with, while occasionally cracking up with some quick witted humor. Her friends describe her as loving and spicy. She is an amazing cook and loves to create decadent homemade meals.

 Ysa’s favorite things to do in her free time include learning more about hair and products, washing her hair, and shopping.
Her favorite hair care product is K18. “It is a PH balancing formula developed by scientists to rebuild damaged and dried hair. I use it when I wash my hair once a week and it has transformed my hair completely.” 


Where Are We Located?

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