Rachel, originally from the treasure valley, spent some time in Portland, OR and Tucson, AZ before moving back to Boise in January 2022. She loves working on big transformations, whether that’s with colors or cuts. She loves texture and is known for her incredible shags. Her ideal guest is someone who prioritizes self care and is wanting to collaborate with her. She is certified with tape-in, bead, fusion, and hand tied extensions. Rachel is passionate about her continued education. She is constantly investing so she can continue to provide the highest tier experience to her guests.

Olaplex is her home care favorite, and she wants all of her guests to know about the wonders of No.3!I have used Olaplex at home for years and it has consistently made my hair soft and conditioned living in such dry environments.”  Rachel’s friends would describe her as brutally honest, but extremely loyal and empathetic.

Her ‘reasons for being’ is her daughter and two huskies. She is a volunteer board member of the TCC (The Community Center) for LGBTQ+ here in Idaho.  In her free time she loves to read fiction and takes pride in caring for her house plants.  Her top 3 bands currently are The Cure, Corbin, and Story so Far.


510 W Main St,  Boise, ID 83702


(208) 957-5174​